Event: Insight Seminar ” Create the Life you Love” -Exhibition with Moss at Annabel Hotel

peter Felsman and Design with Moss
Peter Felsmann and Design with Moss

Event: Insight Seminar ” Create the Life you Love” - Exhibition with Moss at Annabel Hotel, Oct 2022, Paphos Cyprus

I am in a point of my life that I believe I know “something” about personal development. When a friend of mine introduce me to this amazing community of Insight Seminar Concept of course I was skeptical. 

Another seminar that will teach you “something”.


Peter Felsmann and Laura Efthymiou

But…. I was wrong!

During the seminar event held in Oct 2022 at Annabel Hotel, Paphos, Cyprus I had the experience of my lifetime!

Mr. Peter Felsman, facilitator of Insight Seminar Worlwide, has deliver an oustanding expirience that change my life.  This seminar transformed me as person, and I realized how much my behavior were limiting my progress. Has showed me that I have within in me all the tools and the courageous force to face the challenges of my life and learn from my lessons. The attitude and my circle of friends are my uplifting to achieve outcomes that are limitless.

2 Mirror Wodd Moss Frame
Peter Felsmann and Ombre Frame
Moss Frames
Round Moss Frame

What is an Art Exhibition with Moss?

Art exhibitions represent the collecting of art designs into a space for a temporary event. The purpose of this exhibition was to introduce the concept of Biophilic Designs that incorporate Preserved Moss into our living space. This is a new trend in Cyprus, but in Europe is available more than 10 years and has originally discovered in Italy.

As an artist I am combining the Preserved Moss material with imagination to achieve an unique and personalized design  a mark of achievement and success.

Why is the integration of biophilic design so good for us?

Physical health

  • Moss within a room enhance the quality of the air as they absorb the excess humidity, harmful substances and toxins. As result the quality of air is improving respiratory issues for people that suffer allergies and respiratory illnesses. In addition, they relax us and lower our blood pressure.

Mental health

  • Biophilic design decreases stress and causes a feeling of peace and relaxation.


  • Natural light adjusts sleep cycles and delivers more energy as well as productivity. The incorporation of biophilic principles boosts one’s creativity, memory performance, and ability to learn. In addition, it provides clarity in thought as well as for mental breaks.

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