Why you should decorate with Moss and Preserved Lichens?

BENEFITS to decorate with Moss/Preserved Lichens 

Vegetation, as well as mosses, are being recognized for their remarkable healing properties. They have many functions:

  • Regulates the humidity level in the room
  • It can “save” certain areas from the danger of dandruff, by retaining excessive humidity
  • Can be placed on any surface with the appropriate adhesive, depending on the area where it is to be positioned
  • Fire resistant – slows down the combustion process (in case of fire)

Resists up to 10 years and does not require care

  • Improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen
  • It reduces stress and fatigue and has a sound-absorbing effect
  • Decreases the temperature of a room by 3 to 7 degrees during the summer, thus increasing the thermal comfort
  • They improve air quality and help reduce respiratory problems, making them appropriate to be present in office spaces
  • Do not attract insects and do not host any organisms with potentially harmful organisms
  • They do not produce allergens or irritants and do not retain dust, so in the case of people suffering from allergies
  • With stabilized plants, you can bring nature in the middle of your home or office without any maintenance

This is the latest trend to decorate with moss. It has been exploding up everywhere, on coffee shops, in interior architectural designs, and in hotel and co-working spaces. Having moss around you brings tranquillity and comfort into your home.