Rotary International

Rotary International Event, Nicosia, Cyprus


Today, we are proud to be part of Rotary Club of Nicosia , Cyprus event. These beautiful decoration made with love are part of Club life. Blue Heart and yellow circle to match with the logo of this Club. The Rotary Club of Nicosia was established in 1938. It soon grew to become one of the most dynamic among the Rotary Clubs in Cyprus with a multinational membership from a variety of professions. 

Rotary members conduct projects to address humanitarian challenges, including illiteracy, disease, hunger, poverty, lack of clean water & environmental concerns while encouraging high standards in all vocations.

Red Moss Diamond

Red Moss Diamond - Award Ceremony

Design with Moss has proudly displayed 2 Red Diamond designs with Red Reindeer Moss

Design with Moss was the design sponsor for the promotional area and has achieved a stunning result!

Diamond Award Ceremony, where Russian Business Women in Cyprus were awarded for their business activity. The event was organized by Bespoke by Elizabeth Friedrich with the collaboration of the Cyprus-Russian Business Association (Cyruba) and the Chamber of Commerce.

The Journey of creativity for the 2 Red Diamonds:

In business and as in life, we often stand in front of a crossroad: to make a decision that will bring our business to the next level. Sometimes, we need to be courageous and take a leap of faith.

From this project, I certainly learned that is no better moment to make a decision than RIGHT NOW! There is no Right or Wrong, but always a lesson to be learned at the end of the process to take us to the next level.

Each project is unique and present its own challenges that we need to overcome by being resourceful!  As an artist, the creative atmosphere is essential for delivering the design at high standards.

Starting with the high energy vibration, the right emotional support until meeting the right people that will stand next to you, is a journey that you need to enjoy along the way.

Lesson learned:

Looking back at my 2 weeks journey I am pleased that I took this decision to get involved in this project. Had doubts, questions on my head; how?  where? But as one ‘good friend of mine” said: there are solutions for every obstacle. Just believe it and it will emerge”. Personally, I have grown and learned that you can achieve anything you wish when you put in the effort and the energy.

We are successfully introducing our business in a novelty area for Cyprus, as creations of Art using Moss and Preserved Moss.

I would like personally to thank Mrs. Elizabeth Friederich for her open mind approach and kindness, she offered support to create these 2 astonishing Moss Designs.

As well, a sincere congratulation for organizing the beautiful event and allowing Design With Moss being part of it.

Design With Moss can create anything from living moss walls to central pieces placed in an interior space. Preserved moss can be used in various combinations with natural dried, stabilized, cryogenic flowers. Wood elements are also a perfect match.

Design With Moss aims to promote this type of design, integrating nature into architecture and interior design through natural materials and forms, in order to create environments that promote wellness and positivity.

Red Diamond Award

Forest Moss Frame

Forest Moss Frame

Forest Moss Frame 

Moss decorations create a healthier, creative and happier environment, reduce monotony and beautify any room.

The bedroom is the room where we “recharge our batteries” and the space that must offer us the ambiance and the state of rest and relaxation.

Escape into an imaginary forest where  you want to walk on the path that is lost in the forest, feeling the soft and wet moss with your bare feets, to listen to the silence of the trees and to get lost in the freshness of the forest.

This beautiful design belongs to my friend Adriana Savvva(owner of Hairdresser Salon Creme De La Creme, Larnaca,Cyprus)

Purple Moss Wall Clock

wall clock

It seems to us today has forgotten the clocks – these great features that display the time and we hang on the wall.  A wall clock can give a great look around the empty wall. Freshen up your entire living space atmosphere by such a piece – completely unique and different design. 

Winners of Online Draw – Online Presentation 28th of February 2021

Amanda Digman
Alexandra Braun
Happy Woman Day!
Amanda Dingman Polyviou and Alexandra Braun are the 2 lucky womens that win and received prices from Design With Moss – Laura Stefania Efthymiou.

Great night with powerful and beautiful women from  Alpha Women Club that join to my online presentation on 28th of February.

@alphawomenclub is an exclusive community of empowered and likeminded women. A safe space for SHeroes to grow personally, professionally and learn from each other. We pride ourselves on Success, Style & Integrity! 

Wall Clock Moss @ Quantum Holistic Health Center Asklipios, Paralimni, Cyprus

Dr Youlla Patera

Some people might argue that standard clocks are becoming obsolete. After all, everywhere you turn there is a cell phone or computer screen that clearly displays an accurate time. But clocks are not purely about functionality. Wall clocks can serve a tremendous style function.  

Doing a remake with Preserved Reindeer Moss it will make a statement from the moment you are walking in that room!

The wall clock featured in this post brings a unique style to Quantum Bio Holistic Health Center Asklipios @ypnaturalhealth. Thank you Dr.ND Yioula Patera PhD.

This place is one of a kind in Cyprus dealing with  “alternative medicine”. When used alongside standard medical practices, alternative approaches are referred to as “complementary” medicine. The holistic medicine is about treating the person and  that often includes relaxation or meditation to help relax the body and focus on positivity.

Follow Your Own Path

Follow your path

We all want to live a life that we love. A life that is uniquely our own and feels right to us. But making your own path in life isn’t easy, especially if that path involves doing something different.

When you start your journey of creating your own path in life, you may feel lost. You may not really even know what you want to create, just that you want something else.

Meeting the right people at the right time was a blessing for me. Nothing is a coincidence on our in life!

I am grateful that I’ve meet you Sandra Da Silva! Thank you my friend for guiding me on finding my own path! @

Moss Mirror Frame

Nautical Weddings Venue


This beautiful old mirror had a “face-lift” after the idea took shape.

In life we become attached to thinks and along the way we don’t want to let them go. 

With imagination, passion and love for people we can create something beautiful and the outcome will please anyone’s eye.

This beautiful new vibrant mirror can be admired at Nautical Club in Larnaca, Cyprus(#nautical_club_wedding_venue).

One more customer made happy by @designwithmoss_laura

We are born, we grow up, we learn, we have moments of happiness and as well moments of failure, we give birth and then comes a time when we are leaving this life.

The Tree of life is a symbol of our life: each branch and leaf has a texture and a color different than other on the same tree. It is exactly the same with what each individual is living during his life.

A creation of Tree of Life designed with moss that is offered to a person is unique and it can connect to you on a personal level transmitting positive energy and beauty. 

This beautiful art design can be admired at Tree Of Life Center in Larnaca, Cyprus (@treeoflifelearningcentre). Soulla and Marios are really happy to admire this everyday in their reception hall entrance.


Long time ago….. when I had a really bad toothache I was looking for a dentist that will understand my pain. At the time I did not understand that I am suffering of dentofobia. This brilliant and open mind  dentist had handled my pain with ease and no scars. 

Our friendship goes more than 10 years… 

Another happy customer!

The Tooth Moss Design is a way of saying thank you to Dr. Vasilis Vasiloudes for his kind treatment.

The item can be admired at Smalto Dental clinic in Nicosia, Cyprus(@Smalto.Dental.Clinic)

We all know that mirrors can make a room appear larger, but mirrors are more than just one-trick ponies.

They can also be used as a design element to help complete whatever look you are trying to achieve. A mirror can provide either contrast or balance when used correctly. It can also unify a space or serve as the focal point. 

We had added a natural moss frame around the mirror and as well led light to enhance the beauty of this natural element.

You can admire this wall art design at Nelia EyeLashes Beauty Saloon in Dali, Nicosia.(@nelialashes)  

Thank you Nelia Manu for your trust in us.