Design Bathroom

Moss Lichen Interior-Design Decoration Bathroom

Mirror Framing with Moss

There is no better place to use Moss and Lichens than in your bathroom. Anyone can have it, doesn’t not require special maintenance. The moss that is used is called Reindeer moss. This is preserved due to glyceryl and natural dyes.

It helps you relax, bring color and vitality  and escape the moisture from the bathroom. This  is perfect place for Lichens as they are absorbed humidity from the room and stay fluffy and alive.

Chess Design with Mirror and Moss

The shapes, design measurements can be upon each individual and accordingly with the bathroom size room.  You can combine moss design with mirrors, frames, spotlights.

Lichens are easy to work with and the placement can take place on  any surface even if is vertical or  horizontal. 

The results are remarkable, colorful and unique. 

Interior Design Bathroom Moss Lichen