Design Walls

Dark green it’s the color of nature, the color of money, and the color of moss!

by Leonardo DiCaprio

Office Wall

Design Moss Lichen on Office Wall

Using Moss on walls  is a great way to bring the outdoors living nature indoors and make the space look and feel alive.

For the last years this is the new trend in interior design that is taken place of  the old wallpaper. 

Using the lichens and moss on any vertical surfaces proves to be a  remarkable element in creating a colorful and beautiful  green interior living space that will not require maintenance and will stay alive and presence through the years to come.   

Living room Wall

The indoor living space is what we are looking to have design accordingly with our own desires and lookalike items. The space that we relax, personal development, spend time with our family and friends we want to offer us that inner pace and relaxation mood.

Using moss, lichens and natural items such as wood or dried flowers we can bring the nature inside our living space, on our walls or on any surface. The design models are unlimited, crafted to reflect your own personality. Modern or traditional house character, moss and lichens are a perfect fit to bring that unique style to your house. 

Mos Lichen Design Home Living Room

Feature Wall

Sound attenuation – is one of the benefits the lichens and moss brings once an interior space is design with. This is increasing creativity and productivity and even is keeping the noise levels down. 

Who will not like to have a low level of noise living inside of an apartment?

No matter what type of lichen or moss you will choose, for sure will be a remarkable and absolutely astonishing  results full of life, because the plants means nature and life itself.