Moss and Green Plants decrease the stress levels

A Stunning Design

A stunning, preserved moss can stimulate a tired brain and confer a type of serenity that goes beyond happiness or satisfaction. In office environments with dedicated green spaces, workers report high levels of well­being and job satisfaction.

The existence of nature reduces stress, which means people are better prepared to focus, problem-solve, and participate emotionally with any task at hand.

Design with moss
Preserver Moss Wall with Bum and Flat Moss Type
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Moss Balls
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Decresead Level of Stress

A study performed by Dr. Virginia Lohr of Washington State University measured stress levels in employees at different workstations.

She found that participants working in environments with plants were 12 % less stressed than participants working at workstations without plants.

Preserved moss panels make an outstanding addition to interior environments and cost a fraction of their living counterparts. Uplift interior aesthetics and provide a vital joining to nature that stimulates happiness and well-being with Design with Moss 100% natural preserved moss creations.

Enjoy the uncountable benefits of Biophilic design without NO Maintenances.

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