Event: Go Digital Conference – Exhibition with Moss at Radisson Hotel, Sep 2022

Go Digital Cyprus Conference was ana opportunity where businesspeople, entrepreneurs, media, and other gathered at Radisson Hotel in Larnaca on 24th September 2022.

The speakers were offered value information regarding various topics:

  • How to build your brand name
  • What is the future of digital
  • How to be visible on social media
  • What is legal frame for a business in Cyprus
  • How to create, grow and survive your company during difficult times
  • SEO strategies and the importance of online presence

Design with Moss was present as participant to learn and grow the business and as well to display the items created special for this conference.

We had used reindeer moss, wood, dried materials, dried flowers all together on a beautiful display exposition.

We had introduced the Kokedama Japanase Art that is a style of displaying up plants in a ball of moss.

Kokedema Moss ball
Chlorophytum Comosum Moss Ball
Kokedema Moss ball
Crassula Ovata(Money Tree) Moss Ball
Kokedema Moss ball
Ghost Plant Moss Ball

Biophillic Designs

This concept is the latest trend in interior design across Europe. In Cyprus is slowly make its entrance.

By presenting our work trough moss frames we are presenting this new concept. There is a direct relationship between smart work-space design and enhanced employee well-being and performance. Just as simple changes to integrate nature in the workplace can come up with a huge impact on how employees feel when they come to work, and how happy, creative and productive they feel when they are working. workplace.

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