Popular name: Licheni Pizza Box

Location: indoors, in spaces far away from direct sunlight and air condition/heating.

Design that implies covering large surfaces with Moss is highly recommended to use ready-made panels. The result will have a beautiful effect on uniformity, clarity, and sharpness. 

They don’t need light or water and are built to last for years. As well as creating a real focal point in your space they also offer great acoustic insulation which can be a real benefit for reducing noise pollution in busy locations.

Special features: 

100% natural; velvets; antistatic; absorb moisture; they are not allergens; they are not toxic; does not require maintenance; they are not edible, they are sound-absorbing

Plant type: preserved, natural

Product type: Lichen panels – Readymade

Color shade 1: emerald green

Size: panel 30x30cm