Companies Logo Design

3D wall art really makes a splash when it comes to interior design.


We are living in a modern world where the unicity and custom made to fit become a new trend in interior decoration.

To have your own Company Logo designed with Moss is the new fashion, perfect for your new office, retail store, restaurant signage!

We work with a wide variety of materials including preserved moss and ferns, wood, PVC.

All of our work is custom. 


Soft 2 Bet - Online Gamining Company

This preserved lichen moss logo frame arrives ready to hang just like any other picture frame. Was specifically ordered by Soft 2 Bet Company in Limassol, Cyprus.

We have used Premium Spring, Lime, and White Reindeer Moss to achieve this beautiful result. 

Soft 2 Bet - Moss Design LOGO

Four years ago Soft2Bet

Soft 2 Bet - Company Original LOGO

soft 2 bet
This Logo was created from Reindeer premium Moss lilac and yellow colors as are the company original colors. 
Catherine Galea helps “modern busy professionals achieve freedom from stress, overwhelm, and confusion with empowering tools and resources to restore their BALANCE, reclaim their HAPPINESS, find PURPOSE and meaning in life”.

Empowerment Coaching and Mindfulness - Moss Design LOGO

Oficial Company Logo of Empowerment Coaching and Mindfulness

SnepbyAlexandra - Company LOGO as Cyprus" Representative

This is an Italian company that starts from an idea to create wellness and give the possibility to people to develop their self-development and financial freedom. With over 15 years of research and experience, they are expanding their business through Europe. SnepbyAlexandra is the company representative in Cyprus. 

We create this beautiful Logo from Premium Red Reindeer Moss with white letters as we follow the original company logo. 

Snep - Oficial Company LOGO

Design with Moss brings to you a wide range of designs that you can discover by visit our website.

Each piece is handmade and with direct instruction from the customer. You can buy online from our website or you can order your choice from more than 40 colors available or call us to request custom designs, larger living wall panels, personalized gifts.