Moss Frame – Gift made with love

Moss Frame Made with Love

Happy Customer Testimonial

We had the beautiful occasion to put a smile on Clementine Ynna’ face. We create a special moss frame that was ordered by her husband and we just delivered it.

 Sending love is what we do!

The Moss Frame is created with various types of moss:
– Preserved Reindeer Moss
– Flat Preserved Moss
– Cushion Preserved Moss
– Dried Forest Elements

Each type of moss it’s adding a distinctive texture to the frame and allows to enrich the individuality in colour and texture.

The Reindeer Moss has a fleecy, soft and moistness while is reached.
Using the Flat Moss type is creating the difference between the height with the frame.
Cushion Preserved Moss is the unique that adding height and round shape and give the whole picture a sweet and stunning effect.

As all the preserved moss types are NO maintenance and has a life time of 7+ years we decide to integrate dried elements from forest to enhance the design.

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