Moss Wall Art: 5 stages to create a Moss Wall

Stage 1: Decide the indoor place where The Moss Wall will be build

Before you design a moss wall, you have to draw out an appropriate plan.
It means that you should pay attention to ensure you buy the right products for the right places.

The texture, the colors the right quantity.
Moss walls are a popular feature in our interior ventures that can provide everyone with a stunning and healthy environment.

Work Materials

Right size frame


Stage 2: Consider Which Type Of Moss Wall You Need

Alive moss walls contain moss panels fixed on structures that can be both free-standing and attached to walls.

The moss panels are used indoors because the moss on the wall needs constant moisture to keep alive and maintained.

Then panels are usually made from wood or plywood material that has a lighter structure. 

Preserved Moss Wall

Preserved moss is acquired by growing and then drying natural moss to keep the moss as it was at its most vibrant. After preservation, artists and installation experts apply the moss in a personalized design

The great thing about preserved moss is that:

  • You have many varieties and colors to choose from.
  • They require no maintenance, no watering, and no particular sunlight.

Stage 3. Select Your Moss Style Using Different Colors

Color is a significant element of moss design. Don’t be confused about whether a pure or mixing color will be better. Is just a customer taste.

Colours of Reeinder Moss

Passing through a preservation process with glycerine and water, are available more than 10 standard colors such as green, yellow, blue, and red, can meet most ordinary users’ needs

Stage 4. Install Indoor Moss Walls

The easiest way to make a moss wall is to buy custom-sized moss panels and then arrange them in the design or shape wanted.

As well can be used moss cleaned or not clean and apply it o the wood surface. In the case of non-clean moss, first is needed to be removed the roots and any impurities for a better result.

Moss with roots - Not Cleaned

Moss Clean

reindeer moss

Prepare your tools to be ready before installation, like a scissor, hand tape, zip ties, nail guns, etc. Then position the frame or panels on the wall by using the right support.

Stage 5. Take Care Of Moss Wall Art

The best thing about it is you don’t have to worry about maintenance. 

While you won’t have to spend a lot of time on your moss wall once it’s installed, just remember these tips for caring for it 

  • Keep the moss away from radiators and heaters
  • Do not leave the moss exposed to direct sunlight.