Pole Moss

Texture: tight, cushion like, 3D effect

Pole moss grows in a tight, round cushion-like mass and is an intense, vibrant green color.

Pole moss has a premium and exclusive feel that will renew the look of your space with a vibrant, textural impact.

Clumps of pole moss add amazing dimension to our nature frames and moss walls. 

Whether an entire wall or set within the other decorative wall materials, Plant and Moss Walls make it possible to design the wall foliage entirely according to owner wishes and is guarantee a tailored piece of interior design that will remain in the memory of guests for a long time.

Design your moss wall the way you want it — there are no limits to size, shape, arrangements or positioning.

pic 19

Having a wall with cushion moss rise up from a flat surface covered with sheet moss will do any interior designer to go for it and guarantee that the final Biophilic design is one of a kind.

This soft moss, at its full maturity, will have a length of not less than 12 mm-12.5 cm and tend to have a stubby vault shape. The cushion moss is native to North America.

Cushion Moss has the appearance that comes from growing thick and rounded, but the term “cushion” actually refers to woody plants that are low-growing.

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