3D Moss Art Frame Stabilized Reindeer Moss


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3D Moss Wall Art Frame give any room a fresh air. Moss is  a lovely sight and brighten the appearance of the room.

Frame size: 30 cm x 1.2 cm Black wood frame with Cushion and Reindeer Moss Types.

Price per frame € 180

Top 10 benefits of moss designs:

1. Stabilized Moss are 100% natural, do not include any chemical compounds:

2. Moss decorations offer a natural and peaceful environment at home or at the office;

3. Moss improves the quality of the air in the room by absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen; they are especially famed for regulating the humidity in the room;

4. They are non-allergic, flame retardant, antistatic, do not attract or retain insects, are natural and biodegradable;

5. Moss do not need care. No watering, pruning, fertilizing or beautifying;

6. In the summer, they offer thermal comfort by lowering the room temperature;

7. Moss paintings are ideal in conference rooms, being sound-absorbing and soundproof. For this reason, they are also appreciated in rooms where the environmental echo is desired to be reduced;

8. Moss is lasting up to 10 years!

9. Designs created from Moss are a healthy, modern and elegant solution for interior design. We are making decorations with lichens, mosses and other preserved plants, on the dimensions you want.


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