7 Panels Canvas Red Reindeer Moss Wall Art


Handmade item

7 pcs Canvas Each 0.20 cm x 0.70 cm

Total frame 1.45cm width

Material: Red Reindeer Moss, Wood, White canvas, Paint

Each panel is equipped with hooks ready to be hung on the wall. As well, each panel has a number for easy assemble instructions.


This is the perfect decor for any room you want to brighten up such as living area, corridor, office, meeting room, coffee shop, sea view room, or villa room. Is perfect in any room.


Additional information

Special Features:

– 100% natural
– No maintenance
– Handmade
– Purifying the air
– Improving air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen
– Doesn’t attract insects and doesn’t host any potentially harmful organisms
– Gets rid of dampness


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