Bathroom Live Moss Design


The panel is  1.20 cm * 0.80cm

The support is from the PDF panel. For this model is used Spring Reindeer Green and White Moss.


Available on back-order


Are moss designs alive like living walls?

No, but the moss material used is handpicked up from the forest and after that is passed through a technological process non-invasive that will be preserved, using glyceryl and water. At this stage, the food colorant is added it. Are available more than 20 colures to choose from.

Do moss walls need to be watered? Or any other care?

No watering is needed at all. A moss wall needs the proper % of humidity and protection from direct sunlight or water. That’s about it. Is practically No Maintenance.

Additional information

Special Features:

– 100% natural
– No maintenance
– Handmade
– Purifying the air
– Improving air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen
– Doesn’t attract insects and doesn’t host any potentially harmful organisms
– Gets rid of dampness


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