Kokedama Moss Ball


Ambius plant with moss ball on a hanging display. Moss Ball is a 10 cm diameter.  The support is 20cm cm. Beautiful design created by using japanase art called Kokedama a translating from “koke” meaning moss and “dama” meaning ball. 

  • This plant really adds that tropical look to any living space.
  • This plant is very easy to look after and also has the wonderful quality of being a ‘Fresh Air’ plant that takes in CO2 and gives out O2 in abundance!
  • The plant is rooted in a ball of soil with a live blanket of moss wrapped around it.

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Translating from “koke” meaning moss and “dama” meaning ball.
#kokedema is art of growing plants in a moss-covered ball of soil wrapped with string. You can display them hanging or on a decdorative suport from glass to wood.

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Special Features:

– Easy to care for it
– Soak in water when plant is light to lift it up
– Can be position outside on shade space
– Can be a hanging display or ornament decor on a surface


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