Reindeer Moss Frame

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Handmade item

Color design A4

Moss frame 7 cm

Color  sprig green

Material reindeer moss, wood, glass

In stock


The design is handmade using reindeer moss. Available on other colors as well. We are working with customers to create their designs as per their specification. Using Moss and  lichen can create a 100% natural design. You will enjoy bringing nature inside of your living space! Contact us to start working at your own request.

1 review for Reindeer Moss Frame

  1. Athina

    It was my birthday when I received the most unique present in my life!! A design with moss of my daughters and me! The bright colours, the texture and the sentimental words made my heart melt!! Thank you Laura!
    I highly reccomend these unique creations with moss for your loved ones on any occasion!! Impress others with your gifts!!

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