The Journey of creativity for the 2 Red Diamonds:

In business and as in life, we often stand in front of a crossroad: to make a decision that will bring our business to the next level. Sometimes, we need to be courageous and take a leap of faith.

From this project, I certainly learned that is no better moment to make a decision than RIGHT NOW! There is no Right or Wrong, but always a lesson to be learned at the end of the process to take us to the next level.

Each project is unique and present its own challenges that we need to overcome by being resourceful!  As an artist, the creative atmosphere is essential for delivering the design at high standards.

Starting with the high energy vibration, the right emotional support until meeting the right people that will stand next to you, is a journey that you need to enjoy along the way.

Lesson learned:

Looking back at my 2 weeks journey I am pleased that I took this decision to get involved in this project. Had doubts, questions on my head; how?  where? But as one ‘good friend of mine” said: there are solutions for every obstacle. Just believe it and it will emerge”. Personally, I have grown and learned that you can achieve anything you wish when you put in the effort and the energy.

We are successfully introducing our business in a novelty area for Cyprus, as creations of Art using Moss and Preserved Moss.

I would like personally to thank Mrs. Elizabeth Friederich for her open mind approach and kindness, she offered support to create these 2 astonishing Moss Designs.

As well, a sincere congratulation for organizing the beautiful event and allowing Design With Moss being part of it.

Design With Moss can create anything from living moss walls to central pieces placed in an interior space. Preserved moss can be used in various combinations with natural dried, stabilized, cryogenic flowers. Wood elements are also a perfect match.

Design With Moss aims to promote this type of design, integrating nature into architecture and interior design through natural materials and forms, in order to create environments that promote wellness and positivity.

Red Diamond Award