What colors of Preserved Lichens are available?

Originally lichens have a dirty white color. For commercial purposes are known over 20 colors that you can choose from. The shades of lichens are obtained by painting with food dyes, which do not affect their structure and texture. It can vary from shades of raw green to purple, red and even black-green.

The stabilization and conservation process is based on water, food coloring and glycerin make this a safe and non-toxic item to use it.

What is preserved moss?

Completely safe (non-toxic) and easy to use, preserved moss is the definition of moss that is no longer alive and has been chemically preserved and heat-treated to be used for decorative purposes.

What is the difference between Dried Moss and Preserved Moss?

Preserved Moss is natural moss that is no longer alive and has been carefully preserved for decorative purposes through an eco-friendly process. Dried Moss is dehydrated moss, crispy and likely to change its color over a short period of time and eventually disintegrate.

Dried moss isn’t the best fit for interior decor, while preserved moss can be used for decor in multiple ways

Dried moss is sold depending on the weight

Dried moss turns out to be brown, hard, and fragmente

Dried Moss

What type of Moss are available for Interior Decoration?

Preserved Pole Moss: Pole moss is also called pincushion moss or bun moss. Pole moss grows in a tight, circular rock-like form with intense green color.

Preserved sheet moss: Sheet moss is a type of flat sheet-like carpet moss which grows to cover rocks and soil with a marbling color.

Preserved mood moss: Mood moss grows in large, thick clumps and got its name for people characterized its color change with temperature as “Moody”.

Preserved Reindeer Moss: Reindeer moss is actually a kind of lichen growing in arctic lands and forests.

Preserved Deer foot Moss: Deerfoot moss is similar to reindeer moss but got a tighter and softer texture.

Preserved Pole Moss

Preserved Sheet Moss

Preserved Mood Moss

Preserved Reindeer Moss

Preserved Deer foot Moss