Did you know that Moss helps to have a healthier skin?

The skin is part of the integumentary system. Skin is the large organ of the human body and its role is protection. It protects the body from external factors such as bacteria, chemicals, and temperature.

How does healthy skin look?

Healthy skin looks and feels smooth.

Each person that will like to have healthy skin should look at a healthy diet living style, improve sleeping, increase hydration and exercise more.

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Improving sleeping

Your body repairs itself when you sleep. As studies showed of a person that sleeps between 7-9 hours a night they have healthier skin.

Large designs of Moss will improve your sleep overnight. Moss is a natural balancer that will regulate the % of humidity in the room, by absorbing the excess humidity. For a human body, the normal % of humidity is between 40-60.

Presence of Green Moss Walls

The presence of plants in your interior living space and working space has been known to reduce dry skin.

Hydrated skin not only helps us to look healthier and avoid wrinkles, but it also helps our wounds to heal faster.

We feel healthier in general and avoid the itching and scratching that accompany dry skin.