The connection between Humidity and Moss Decorations and Moss Decoration

Decoration with Moss to increase te humidity level

During the hot season, we have very good humidity sometimes even over 60%, during the cold season, we notice that the humidity reaches 30-35% (below the normal limit of 40-60%).

When the humidity level drops, moss decorations begin to dry out and become brittle

The humidity level need to be  increase with  various methods: using a humidifier machine, or simple having a ceramic humidifier near  the heating element. I say that it is worth enjoying a decoration with moss.

What can we do to get rid of the dry air in the room in winter?

We can use Moss and Preserved Lichens decorations!

Moss do not require watering and maintenance, are also beautiful and have many benefits: they clean and purify the air, reduce mold and noise and provide a positive state of mind.