Deerfoot Moss

Soft and tigther Texture

Deerfoot Moss is very similar to Reindeer Moss. It is a greyish-green, sponge-looking moss that gets its’ name because it looks like the foot of a deer. They are both lichens, however, Deerfoot moss has a much tighter texture and is very soft to the touch.

How long does preserved moss last?

The life expectancy of a preserved moss wall can range anywhere from two to eight plus years before it needs professional touch-ups. The endurance of these designs of art depends on the type of moss used, the ambient moisture of the environment, the material used in the creation process. 

While Preserved moss does not respire like living moss, its look and feel are completely natural and provide all benefits of a living wall. Additionally, moss that has been preserved retains its distinctive beauty for decades.

Preserved moss designs are requiring NO maintenance. Could have an increased price to be installed but the long-term investment is beneficial as the owner will have a beautiful Biophilic Design that is the latest trend in interior design fashion.

Deer Foot Moss

The best way to prolong the period of a preserved moss product is by choosing an indoor location with the following features:

  • Relative humidity levels of 45 % – 65% 
  • Out of direct sunlight