Mood Moss

It is growing in thick, large clumps. The fun thing about this moss type is that it gets its name because of how it changes in appearance based on the growing conditions. These temperamental changes characterize it as “moody” which is how it was named. 

Cushion moss (how it is known as well)  adds dramatic and impactful textures and depth (some pieces are over 4” thick!) making it an excellent accent in a preserved moss wall design. 

Chunk Looklike

This moss is perfect for covering topsoil, dressing vases, plants, and more.  Is cleaner and has less dust than ordinary moss.  Wealthier look, softer feel, and a fresher appearance. 

What is so great about Preserved Moss?

Preserved moss is harvested from the forest and suffers a special preservation process to maintain its color, texture, and soft, plush quality. The preservation process keeps the moss continually colorful, soft, and maintenance-free. (Preserved moss can be used only on decoration for interior application only).