Dr Youlla Patera

Some people might argue that standard clocks are becoming obsolete. After all, everywhere you turn there is a cell phone or computer screen that clearly displays an accurate time. But clocks are not purely about functionality. Wall clocks can serve a tremendous style function.  

Doing a remake with Preserved Reindeer Moss it will make a statement from the moment you are walking in that room!

The wall clock featured in this post brings a unique style to Quantum Bio Holistic Health Center Asklipios @ypnaturalhealth. Thank you Dr.ND Yioula Patera PhD.

This place is one of a kind in Cyprus dealing with  “alternative medicine”. When used alongside standard medical practices, alternative approaches are referred to as “complementary” medicine. The holistic medicine is about treating the person and  that often includes relaxation or meditation to help relax the body and focus on positivity.