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Bring Nature Inside of Your Living Space

Do you need to bring the nature inside your living space

Moss can connect people and nature within our built environments

Are you bored with your living environment

Customized designs with moss can elavate your frame of mind

Do you need a meaningful personalized present

Buy gifts that will become a cherished possesion

Cherishing our relation with Nature by introducing designs that are using natural elements will bring us back to our roots. Wellbeing, productivity and health are important for each human being. As recent pandemic time changed the face of our daily living by imposing us to spend more time inside of our living space, we all realize how important is to feel happy with our surroundings.

Biophilic Designs


Personalized desings


How Everything Began....

Our story began with a love for beauty, nature and art. Not all plants in a home can grow harmoniously, so we tried to find solutions to enjoy nature.

We found the solution after we discovered the stabilized lichens and moss. We were attracted to lichens, which are a special mixture of beauty and fragility.

Turning Preserved Moss into Works of Art

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Rotary International

Rotary International Event, Nicosia, Cyprus Today, we are proud to be part of Rotary Club of Nicosia , Cyprus event. These beautiful decoration made with

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Red Moss Diamond

Red Moss Diamond – Award Ceremony Design with Moss has proudly displayed 2 Red Diamond designs with Red Reindeer Moss on the 24th of

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